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Clothing In The North Carolina Region

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Dress For Success Charlotte

500 Clanton Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217
(704) 525-7706

PURPOSE: To help women make tailored transitions into the workforce by providing professional attire. SERVICES: Provides each client with one suit for an interview and a second suit when job is obtained. A receipt will be provided for tax records. Acceptable donations: skirt suits; pant suits; blouses; scarves; purses/briefcases; unworn pantyhose. Unacceptable donations: undergarments; used cosmetics; worn pantyhose; men's clothing; casual or non-interview appropriate clothing (i.e., denim, tee shirts, khakis, sneakers, etc.) Donations can be made at four (4) Morning Star Mini Storage in greater Charlotte area: 11020 Highway 29 10811 Pineville Rd 5301 N. Sharon Amity 3912 Wilkinson Blvd

Monday - Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. suitings and donations by appointment

Low income, job ready women referred by partner agencies

Documents Required
Referrals made by partner agencies. No self-referrals.

Area Served
Mecklenburg County

Filed Under
Volunteer Opportunities, Clothing



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