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Housing Assistance In bloomfield, NE

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NE Department of Health & Human Services

309 W Bazile St
Bloomfield, NE 68718
(402) 288-4226

SYSTEM of services that help people live better lives through effective health and human services Services include the following programs:

ACCESSNebraska - self-screen and apply online for many Nebraska public assistance benefit programs; using any computer with Internet access, visit; a computer kiosk is available at this location to apply for public benefits

ADULT FAMILY HOME - provides a homelike living arrangement to meet the needs of adults who are unable to live independently, but can function adequately with minimum supervision and protection.

ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES - investigates and provides services to elderly and mentally or physically disabled persons age 18 or older who require protection from abuse or neglect. Hotline 1-800-652-1999

AID TO AGED, BLIND & DISABLED - provides services to low-income recipients to enable them to be as self-sufficient as possible. Such services include chore services, home delivered meals, homemaker services, adult day care, congregate meals, respite, and transportation.

AID TO DEPENDENT CHILDREN (ADC) (a.k.a. TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) - provides cash payments to economically vulnerable families with children 18 years or younger For families with individuals who are employable, the assistance is time limited. For families with individuals who are not employable, there are no time limits.

CHILD CARE, SUBSIDIZED - families with incomes of up to 185% of the federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for financial assistance with the costs of child care for children 12 years and younger or with special needs. To be eligible, parents must be employed, incapacitated, or participating in education and training programs.

CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE - services may be offered during and following an initial assessment to protect the child and improve the conditions that contributed to the risk of abuse and neglect. Services that may be offered include in-home family therapy, family support services, day care, transportation, case management, and temporary foster care. Hotline 1-800-652-1999

CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT - provides legal services for ADC recipients to establish paternity and to help anyone enforce court orders for child support. Monitors child support collections and provides services to locate absent parents.

DISABLED PERSONS AND FAMILY SUPPORT - coordinates and purchases services to assist employed, disabled adults or helps families keep a disabled family member in their home.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE - provides assistance to needy families with minor children in situations where other sources are not available Examples of situations for which assistance is available are imminent evictions, loss of utility service, or exhaustion of food supplies.

EMERGENCY SHELTER CARE - provides short-term care to children 24 hours a day, statewide.

EMPLOYMENT FIRST - provides temporary support for a maximum of 60 months for families where the employable adults are transitioning to economic self-support, through components such as training, education, job preparation activities, or job search.

FOSTER CARE - provides a safe, temporary home for children who have been removed from their homes because of abuse, neglect, or delinquency.

KID'S CONNECTION - a state children's health insurance program that provides access to health care for low-income uninsured children statewide. 1-877-632-5437

LOW-INCOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE - a federally funded program to assist low-income households in meeting energy costs. Benefits are based on family size, fuel type, and geographic residency in the state.

MEDICAID - provides payment for the medical care of low-income Nebraskans. Types of medical services are hospital, nursing home, physicians, dental, clinic, home health, family planning, lab and radiology, and prescribed drugs. Medicaid may also cover home and community based services for high risk individuals who are aged, disabled, or mentally disabled.

MEDICALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN - provides diagnosis and referral services to low-income children and purchases necessary treatment for them Children who have a crippling or potentially disabling condition are given an evaluation upon request Children determined eligible for the program are given additional treatment or services by medical providers under contract with the Department.

REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT - provides financial assistance to refugees who have been resettled in the United States and do not qualify for other programs Assistance is limited to the first eight months as a refugee.

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - assists the public in the recruitment and approval of services for children and families. Services include: referrals, recruit and license those interested in adopting or fostering children in Nebraska's child welfare system; work with individuals who are seeking appropriate day care for their own children; facilitate the process for individuals who want to provide licensed child care; and recruit, certify and approve individuals who provide housekeeping, personal care and respite for the aged and disabled.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), formerly Food Stamps, provides food stamp benefits, through an Electronic Benefits Transfer card, to raise the level of nutrition among low-income households Eligibility is based on household size, resources and income, which are compared to federal poverty guidelines. Call (877) 247-6328 for Electronic Benefits Transfer card balance, or to report a lost, stolen or damaged card.

STATE SUPPLEMENT - adds to the benefits of the federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program to bring the income of aged and disabled individuals up to the need of standards of Nebraska Additionally, some persons are not eligible for SSI payments, but qualify for a State Supplement payment because of different standards and regulations.

STATE DISABILITY - provides aid to needy persons who have a disability expected to last for at least six months, but less than the 12 months required to be eligible for the federal Supplemental Security Income Program.

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