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Womens Shelters In The Louisiana Region

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Community Support Programs

2924 Knight St
Bldg 3, Ste 326
Shreveport, LA 71105
(318) 865-1422

Bridges is premised on the Safe Havens concept. Safe Havens are intended to provide shelter and services to homeless persons who may not initially be able to accept shelter or who cannot be sheltered due to problematic behavior. Safe Havens is a facility that:
* Provides 24-hour residence for eligible persons who may reside for an unspecified duration;
* Provides private or semi-private accommodations;
* May provide for the common use of kitchen facilities, dining rooms, and bathrooms;
* May provide supportive services to eligible persons who are not residents on a drop-in basis; and
* Limits over night occupancy to no more that 25 persons
(BRIDGES is a 10 bed facility).

An eligible person is defined as an individual who: *Is seriously mentally ill and resides primarily in a public or private place not designed for,or ordinarily used as, regular sleeping accommodation for human beings, which may include occasional residence in an emergency shelter; and
*Is currently unwilling or unable to participate in mental health or substance abuse treatment programs or to receive other supportive services. Such terms does not include a person whose sole impairment is substance abuse.

PLEASE NOTE: The program does not accept immediate hospital discharges as these individuals have been engaged in the system.

BRIDGES is open 24 hours a day,seven days a week. Residential services are contingent upon bed availability.

Existing homeless and mental health services often do not reach homeless persons with mental illness who sleep in places not designed for human habitation. BRIDGES functions as a place of refuge with the potential to restore dignity to people's live and enables its residents to move into the kind of permanent housing they need.

For many persons with mental illness who have been living on the street, the transition to permanent housing may need to start with a small, highly supportive environment where an individual can rest, feel safe and be subject to relatively few immediate service demands. By offering a non-intrusive, low-demand environment in which to build trust slowly, BRIDGES provides an opportunity for individuals alienated from mental health services to become re-engaged in needed treatment and services.

The BRIDGES program is distinguished from traditional mental health programs as it does not prescribe a maximum length of stay and does not require that residents leave the premises during the day. Unlike traditional residential-type programs, BRIDGES does not require the residents to participate in treatment programs. However, a program goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for residents, where once they become comfortable and trust the staff and other occupants, they can become engaged in mental health, substance abuse and other treatment and supportive services.

M-TH, 8A-5P
F 8A-4:30P

Homeless, chronically mentally ill, and not engaged or participating in community resources.

Documents Required
Call the number given.

Area Served
Caddo County

Filed Under
Womens Shelters, Mens Shelters



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