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Men With Addictions Shelter In The Inland Empire Region

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Victor Valley Rescue Mission

15572 Seventh St
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 955-5958

The Victor Valley Rescue Mission provides a Life Recovery Program for men. The program is for nine months and it offers individual counseling, case management, and classes. Also, there's a variety of vocational and skill development through their thrift shop and Mission, and they offer guests job training like Front Office, Computer Development, Public Relations, Customer Service, and many other different types of training.

If you want to help out, just fill out a volunteer application, or call the Victor Valley Rescue Mission.

Homeless and addicted men. To enroll, you must have an in-person interview, and interviews are by appointment only.

Documents Required
If possible, bring ID, social security card, or a driver's license, and a current T.B card.

Area Served
San Bernardino County

Filed Under
Volunteer Opportunities, Men With Addictions Shelter



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