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Homeless Shelters & Services In Ider, AL

There are no listings in Ider, AL. Found 1 within 30 miles.

St Andrews Center

1918 Union Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37404
(423) 629-9872

The mission of the St. Andrews Center is to provide educational, social, cultural, economic and spiritual growth opportunities to the Highland Park/East Chattanooga community and to provide a home for other non-profit agencies with missions in harmony with its own.
The Centers has been successful in three main areas in 2005-2006.
1.Bringing a broad range of programs and volunteers to work with 25-30 children after school Monday- Thursday in one location
2.Creating an ecumenical community for worship and programs.
3.Providing space for other non-profits on a shared-cost basis to ensure the fiscal viability of both the center and its partners.

Area Served
Hamilton County

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