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Homeless Shelters & Services In Doddridge, AR

There are no listings in Doddridge, AR. Found 1 within 30 miles.

Randy Sams' Outreach Shelter, Inc

402 Oak St
Texarkana, TX 75501
(903) 792-7024

Provides a safe temporary lodging for individuals 18 and over. ID is not required when checking in. Upon checking in, residents would be assigned a locker and a bed.

The shelter provides case management services during the 90-day stay with goal setting, needs assessments, and referrals. Residents have access to financial assistance and job training program, life skills classes, Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous programs, and church services.

Residents would also be offered prescription assistance, local bus tokens, identification document assistance, and other services to assist them to regain their confidence to a stable life.

7 Days/wk 24 Hours/day

Anyone who is in need.

Area Served
Bowie County



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