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Rent & Utility Assistance In Black Rock, AR

There are no listings in Black Rock, AR. Found 1 within 30 miles.

West Ridge Church of Christ

PO Box 71
3954 Hwy 62 W
Pocahontas, AR 72455
(870) 892-4705

Provides short term financial assistance to those in need in the Westridge area. Consideration will also be given to Pocahontas, Arkansas and surrounding communities.

Westridge Church will not assist will bills older than 60 days in arrears, child support, medical bills, unsecured loan payments, taxes, legal expenses, or any expense that is not an objective verified need.

No Predetermined hours. Call the office.

Anyone who is in need in Westridge area as well as Pocahontas, Arkansas and surrounding communities.

Documents Required
Government issued photo ID for identification
Bills in the same name of the person providing identification

Area Served
Randolph County



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